The healing art of Attunement  balances body, mind, heart, and spirit through a non-touch or light touch modality. Attunement produces an inner sense of healing, stillness, and peace which allows the body to move towards improved health. Energy flow is opened through the seven endocrine glands to alleviate patterns of stress.

Attunement is a gentle, non-invasive healing art forms that is safe for all individuals that are seeking natural healthy states of being.

Private Attunement sessions are available at Peaceful Health's office, your home, or from a distance. Attunement Initiation classes are taught at the office. See Events for class details.


 Attunement Classes

   Attunement Initiations


                                             2 Day Attunement Retreats


                                     Attunement 5 Month Practitioner's Course


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