The Traditional Usui Method


Reiki, which means Universal Life Energy,is practiced around the world by many cultures. 

Reiki is a peaceful, gentle, and powerful art form which utilizes Universal Life Energy that flows around us. Using a light hands-on technique, energy flows through the practitioner’s hands into the receiver. 

Reiki assists in balancing physical and emotional energies and can be shared with yourself, others, animals, objects, and life situations. Reiki is safe for all individuals that are seeking natural wholesome states of being.

Reiki sessions are available at Peaceful Health's office, in your home, your office and from a distance. Reiki sessions for animals are provided at your home.  All levels of Reiki Classes are taught at the office or at your business.

Reiki classes teach you how to utilize Reiki in your everyday life. Through class room instruction, Reiki Initiations (where your natural born energies are cleared and heightened), and hands on practice, you can begin living a more peaceful, intentional life.

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                                                 Reiki Classes

Taught using the Traditional Usui Method

                                        First & Second Degree Reiki

                                             Reiki Master Prep Class

                                                Reiki Master Class

                                          Reiki Master Teacher Class

                                    Reiki Master of the Masters Class

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